Concurso International Light Art Award 2017

The structure of Unna leads the visitor to walk around the different areas in the building, guided by her curiosity. Since the space comprises multiple areas or joint spaces under the street level, the structure evokes the underground, caves, and also the way in which we move in such spaces. The sensations transmitted by the space and its height made me think about the need to contain, to generate scale and to let light enter and permeate the space to highlight the linear characteristics of Unna’s vaulted naves.

This line of thought brought into play air, light and water, which is why my goal in this installation became to connect the three through vertical elements emulating stalactites. In this way, the underground passage is reinforced by an abstract parallel version of stalactites of “frozen light” that define the space and its shape. The installation is created with180 acrylic pipes of 25.4mm wide by 1.80 meters long that are held in the air at different height and in some cases two or three are held together to reach almost the full height. The pipes are aligned on two perpendicular axes, with reflecting pipe at the center and will be illuminated with blue LED, which would be conducted through the pipes. The selected space (number 8) has a central access in the shorter side, and this could be the compositional axis along which the pipes are aligned. The axes will be closing in up to the opposite wall. As a result, the space linear qualities become more prominent, generating in the visitor a feeling of both being contained and with the need to move through the space and continue to explore Unna.